Bring your sales force to the next level !

Everything you need to maximise the performance of the Salesperson and Distributor on a customer visit:
Centralized documentation and sharing tool between Manufacturer and Distributor, with synchronization and offline operation
Automatic translation of documents from the library Access to product catalogues
Quotation forms and automatic bidding capabilities
Help tools (conversion, dictated visit report, product/application usage tips, video support...)

 Price calculation and lead time of Tanals and ERO Joint custom belts.

Order taking.

 Productivity tools (dictated by visit reports, conversion…)

Digitized catalogues with filters.

Assistance by videoconference

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Application ANDROID
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Commercial documentation (Tanals, Gates, and ERO Joint)


Gates digital belt catalogue

Price request

Price request for custom products (Tanals belts)


Price and product configuration request form (with automatic calculation of price and delivery time, and order taking)


Customer application examples (for ERO Joint products)