Bring your sales force to the next level !

Everything you need to maximise the performance of the Salesperson and Distributor on a customer visit:
Centralized documentation and sharing tool between Manufacturer and Distributor, with synchronization and offline operation
Automatic translation of documents from the library Access to product catalogues
Quotation forms and automatic bidding capabilities
Help tools (conversion, dictated visit report, product/application usage tips, video support...)

About NaSQaH

NaSQaH Company currently offers partnerships to different companies to share development costs and ensure that as many companies as possible can benefit from the functions implemented in the current application and in future functions.

NaSQaH Company can offer this service and customise the application by integrating all the necessary languages and features.

We are open to collaboration and the NaSQaH application can be adapted on request for any other company.

NaSQaH App :

The NaSQaH App was commissioned by Tanals and designed for Tanals’ current needs.

The application can be extended to include additional products, additional functionality, additional languages, and documentation sharing (so that manufacturers can make their documentation available on the same application to their distributors).

For any further information, please ask for the presentation video at

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DocWall project:

NaSQaH Ltd. is developing a collaborative centralized documentation library that will allow multiple companies to upload and share their documentation (public or private) with their sales representatives, customers, and distributors.

This centralized library will include an automatic document translation function.

For any further information, please ask for the presentation video at

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