NaSQaH Features


In the current document function, we find interactive catalogues (with filters and product search). The Gates, Tanals and ERO Joint catalogues are available.

Thanks to document library there is no longer any paper documentation to take to the customer, no obsolete papers. Everything will be on NaSQaH App and the documents will always be up to date. And you can send documents or pages directly by email !

Support tools
Such as voice / video call

Sales support tools
Ex: dictation of visit reports

Technical tools
Data conversion and calculations…

Prices and delivery times calculation, for customized products

Features nasqah

NaSQaH App is for iOS and Android, Smartphone and tablet

Application ANDROID  Application App Store

We can add languages and modules (Catalogues, Price calculation and other modules will come soon…).
There is an interactive suggestion area to help us to optimize and upgrade NaSQaH App.

Application customization / white labeling

NaSQaH App can be customized for any other company (currently NaSQaH App is customized for Tanals).

The quotation part can be adapted and linked to any Excel calculation sheet to automize price calculation. We can add every kind of product.

NaSQaH Company currently offers partnerships to different companies to share development costs, and ensure that as many companies as possible can benefit from the implemented functions.

NaSQaH Company can offer this service and customize the application by integrating all necessary languages and features.

We are open to any collaboration and NaSQaH App can be adapted on request.


Commercial documentation (Tanals, Gates, and ERO Joint)


Gates digital belt catalogue

Price request

Price request for custom products (Tanals belts)


Price and product configuration request form (with automatic calculation of price and delivery time, and order taking)


Customer application examples (for ERO Joint products)